About Our School


okushima Prefectural Joto Senior High School was established as Tokushima Prefectural Girls' High School in 1902, and marked its 110th anniversary in April 2012. Our school now has around 40,000 graduates in total, and they play active roles in several fields. 
Our school song, beginning with "Valiant Mt. Izan looking up in the morning light," has been preserving the unique tradition of our school as if it were a cheering song for the students.
Inspired by such history and traditions, our students are making efforts independently in both studying and club activities.

Basic Objectives of Our Education

To nurture richness of spirit, autonomy, creativity and a healthy body, and to raise powerful talented people who are independent as members of our peaceful and democratic society.

Basic Policy of School Management

(1) To foster the spirit of respect for human life and モニュメントdignity, wisdom and the spirit of independence through all educational activities. 
(2) To foster motivation to learn, to cultivate each student's individuality and extend their capabilities, and give them fulfilling career guidance.  
(3)To foster the spirit of respect for local culture and tradition, and to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and international co-operation through international exchanges.
(4) To cultivate the ability to cope with social problems, and to develop human resources who can play active parts as global leaders in the future.
(5) To become one of the schools trusted by local people, improving teachers' qualifications and quality and being an open school.

Our School Seal

T校章he school seal was designed when our school was reorganized into as Tokushima Joto Senior High School under the new school system.
In the name of “Joto,” jo(城)is an ideogram for “castle”, and to(東)is one for “east.” Therefore, the school seal is in the shape of the rising sun as a whole, which suggests the direction of east. In addition,  has the same sound as , which means stripes, and  has the same sound as , which means ten. In this seal, thus, ten stripes are shown as rays of the sun, making a wish that our school will thrive like the rising sun.

Our school has three courses

  • The Course of Humanities and Society
    This course is directed at the students who are interested in liberal arts and want to go into the fields of law, politics, economics, literature, linguistics and so forth. The English classes of this course improve not only the students' English language skills but also their understanding of current affairs by using domestic and international news etc. as educational material.

  • The Course of Humanities and Sciences
    This course is for the students who want to consider their learning plans in the first grade by getting to know their own interests and aptitudes through the classes in this school. After that, they are supposed to select either the humanities course or the science course in the second grade. This course has been planned in order for the students to be able to choose their career in a step-by-step and systematic manner. The study time allocated to each subject ensures a good balance among them, and the range of subject choices is wide.

  • The Course of Math and Science
    This course is for the students who are interested in math and science and want to go into the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, engineering, science and so forth. The students on this course learn mathematics and science in a focused way, and develop logical and flexible thinking power which enables them to handle matters in natural science fields.

Facilities in Our School

  • The Multipurpose Hall
    Our multipurpose hall has a seating capacity of 360. It is 
    多目的ホールjust like a movie theater and here we can have concerts, lectures, symposiums and so on. The seats can be folde
    d away just by pushing a switch, and then we can use the hall as a gymnasium.

  • The Inner Courtyard for Interaction中庭
    The inner courtyard is paved with Japanese cypress, and it will make you feel relaxed. Here you can eat your lunch in noon recess, enjoying the interaction with your friends.

  • The School Building
    The structure of our school building is en echelon
    雁行, which makes it easier for more light and ai
    r to pass through every classroom. It is also good for sound insulation. In such a building, the students can lead their school life comfortably and enjoyably.

  • The Grand Arena
    No other high school in Tokushima has a 大アリーナgymnasium with such a unique ceiling. It is shaped like Mt. Bizan, which is near to our school and has a beautiful gently-sloping edge.

Our School Mascots

城東マスコットThese are our school mascots. The boy is named Homare-kun, and the girl is named Kuon-chan. These mascots were made by one of our students, and other students elected the names by vote. The boy's name, "Homare", means prestigiousness, and the girl's name, "Kuon", means eternity. They symbolize the hope and ambition of our school.


1-5 Naka-Tokushima-cho, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture
Tokushima Prefectural Joto Senior High School